Water heater


Installing the Water Heater

If you're just doing a straight swap out (same size) you can remove the lower portion of the coupler and wrap it with Teflon tape. Then insert it into the water heater. Do this for both openings. You can use the upper half of the old coupler. This is beneficial if your connection is like the one you see here, copper. The flange you see in the image is soldered on and can cause you problems trying to remove it, unless you simply cut it off.

The next article will deal with having to retrofit a new tank because of increasing the tank size to a gallon tank. If you're not going to a larger tank, just slide the new tank in place once the couplers have been tightened down, and screw the other half onto the newer half. Tighten it down fairly well. You don't need Teflon tape between the two halves.

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